Fellowship or Communion?

November 26, 2009

Many years ago, while serving on staff as the main Worship Dude at the Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Glendora, California,  I got a chance to preach a Sunday sermon: A rare opportunity.  I chose to preach that day on the true biblical meaning of “Fellowship”, at least as it is rendered in the newest English translations.  My premise that Sunday morning was that we had reduced the true meaning of the word (more accurately rendered as “communion”) to merely our being together, to simply hanging out. I had caught a glimmer of something which at the time I saw as relating to our relationships within the churches. True Christian “Fellowship” was a topic I often climbed upon the proverbial soapbox to scream about. After all, I reasoned, we were called to one body, to be a part of one another, to something much more profound then simply sharing some time on Sunday mornings.  But my vision was still very myopic and I had a much deeper truth to dig out, a much more precious treasure.

I’ve had a recent post by Father Stephen Freeman  bookmarked for reading for a while now and today I finally found the time to read it. As I read it I was transported as I was reminded that THIS is why I became Orthodox. This is the truth that answered all my longings. This is the truth that all my dreams had envisioned. The truth that there is something more to this life in Christ then a mere decision of my wavering will, more than a one time emotional response not matter how heart-felt. Please, read this prayerfully, it is nothing less then the truth of fullness of the Gospel.

So here is my latest must read!



The First-Born Among Many

November 3, 2009

Last friday was a momentous day for me, it was my 55 birthday.

Now, normally I would prefer to simply let another year pass into the abyss of aging the American way,  but how can you let the birthday upon which you officially become eligible for senior citizen discounts simply pass like any other birthday? Would that be right?  So what I decided to do this year to commemorate such a milestone as this was to have a Grand Daughter at the same time!  That’s right I arranged with My oldest Son David, his wonderful wife Nicole (and with a little help from God) for their brand new baby girl Violet Grace Feliciano to be born on 10/30/09 my 55 birthday!

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure how I was going to take to the title of Grandpa, or Pappito or whatever she decides to call me. At first all I could think of was the added stigma of old age that the title Grandpa has always carried for me. But let me tell you something, the feeling of holding the first-born child of my first-born child was something I was not prepared for. It was as profound a moment as I have ever experienced.  As I looked down at little Violet sleeping in my arms I was awash in memories and hopes, in dreams and regrets of loves thrown away, and the peace of loves new breath laying there in my arms. Here was the first child of my first child, I am filled with awe at the goodness of God.

And if there is one thing I know for certain it is this: If Violet is even half as precious, half as wonderful to raise as was David, then He and Nicole are in for such a wonderful life. A life full of laughing and crying, protecting and clutching and of letting go. And I know that those years will be over in what will seem like a single wave upon a shore and then my first-born will hold the the first-born of hers.

Drink it in!  With every fiber of your being enter every moment as if it could vanish in an instant because one day they will. Let it all seep deep and you will find that it is not only the good times that you will remember forever but if you let it, you will see it all as being from God’s good hand as he forms this new little flower of life into a beautiful hillside of blossoms for the world to enjoy.

God grant you all more grace then you think you need and the wisdom to know how to live it! I love you all and especially my little flower Violet. IMG_0978



Pure Cane Sugar?

August 6, 2009

photoblog159, originally uploaded by Feliciano Imaging.

Times and places like this really make me question American marketing. I mean, come on, how pure can anything be coming out of this place?


My New Biz Site

August 1, 2009

Hey, my new web for my photo business is now live. You can find it at… ready…wait for it… http://markfeliciaino.com. Let me know what you think.


New Cards

June 11, 2009

These are my new business cards. Collect all ten!



June 10, 2009

Ole’, originally uploaded by mmlips.

I have a new photoblog up that went live a couple days ago. Sure would love it if you’d take a look and leave a comment or two. (Constructive please).

All my older shots are there as well as some new ones.


Great Day Today

May 31, 2009

photoToday Barb and I went to St. Luke’s in Garden Grove and I had the privilege of doing a photo session with Father Michael and his Family. What a wonderful family the Lewis’ are. Father Michael, whom I have talked about before, is just one of the most humble and gentle men I have met, and his wife Kyra is one of the those people you just love the second you talk to her and hear the “Jersey” accent. Before the shoot she made sure I knew she wanted the centerfold space. You just gotta love that! His two daughters who I met for the first time today, are lovely, kind and helped me drag my gear around. But what struck me most about them was their smiles, they both share identical infectious smiles that just make you want to smaile back. To top things off  Father Michael’s Mom (who was a picture posing natural) was in town along with his Nephew Steve who was a budding photographer and was a blast to talk to. There were a couple times when I was laughing so hard I couldn’t take pictures. Here’s hoping they aren’t too shakey.


Thanks Lewis Family for helping me out by letting me use you as guinea pigs….err, I mean subjects, and Happy Birthday to Father Michael  who, hear tell, was apparently cradle robbed by Kyra. God grant you many years, you already ave been greatly blessed with a wonderful family.

BTW, the photo’s are courtesy of my wife and extraordinary assistant for the day.