Great Day Today

May 31, 2009

photoToday Barb and I went to St. Luke’s in Garden Grove and I had the privilege of doing a photo session with Father Michael and his Family. What a wonderful family the Lewis’ are. Father Michael, whom I have talked about before, is just one of the most humble and gentle men I have met, and his wife Kyra is one of the those people you just love the second you talk to her and hear the “Jersey” accent. Before the shoot she made sure I knew she wanted the centerfold space. You just gotta love that! His two daughters who I met for the first time today, are lovely, kind and helped me drag my gear around. But what struck me most about them was their smiles, they both share identical infectious smiles that just make you want to smaile back. To top things off  Father Michael’s Mom (who was a picture posing natural) was in town along with his Nephew Steve who was a budding photographer and was a blast to talk to. There were a couple times when I was laughing so hard I couldn’t take pictures. Here’s hoping they aren’t too shakey.


Thanks Lewis Family for helping me out by letting me use you as guinea pigs….err, I mean subjects, and Happy Birthday to Father Michael  who, hear tell, was apparently cradle robbed by Kyra. God grant you many years, you already ave been greatly blessed with a wonderful family.

BTW, the photo’s are courtesy of my wife and extraordinary assistant for the day.



  1. You are far too kind, and as gifted a writer as you are a photographer! Thanks again for the “painless” and very enjoyable photo shoot!

  2. Just for the record, Fr. deceived me about his age when we were dating – he had a beard, so it made him look older. We really enjoyed the photo shoot. May God bless your work>

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