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March 18, 2009

greatlentLast year my Kids David and Nicole got me the book “Great Lent – Journey to Pascha” by Fr. Alexander Schmemann, who has quickly become one of my heroes. When I first read it I was still very unsure as to whether or not this was truly the road God was leading us down and honestly, I just didn’t get it. I don’t think my heart was ready to take in half of all that Fr. was trying to convey. So I read it but only half heartedly so. In flipping back through it I found a few tell-tale yellow highlights which is my sure sign that something struck me as important, but they are few and far between, but somehow I knew I would return to it.  So when Barb agreed to read through it with me this year I was really excited and expectant. Well, holy moly, you have got to get this book. If you are reading this and you are Orthodox, you have got to follow the link bellow and get this book. Read this book during Lent, it will transform your journey. If you are not Orthodox and you like me always felt that “Easter” in the Evangelical Church was just another Sunday with a bit of added color, you have got to get this book.  I am continually amazed at the wisdom graced to the Church Fathers by the Holy Spirit, at how multi-layered is the faith and experience of Christ’s Church. Last year Pascha was an amazing time for me, thanks to Fr. Schmeman’s opening up the riches of Lent I know that this year will bring even deeper and more lasting change, and that IS the Lenten expectation—New Creation! Glory to God for all things!

Get it at Amazon.


  1. Thanks for the cool resource. I just ordered it. However, I had to order it at Barnes and Nobles because Amazon is out of stock.

  2. Steve Robinson points to another “Pascha book,” but I think I’ll hold off ordering it. 😉


  3. I too am rereading this book as if for the first time. Schmemann points out that during the first half of Lent we focus on purifying ourselves, and then we switch the attention from self to Jesus and his journey to the cross. There is so much wisdom and meaning in what we do. For instance, we can only handle so much introspection at a time, and that time of repentance (Spring cleaning) is the needed prep for the next few weeks, and who knows how many other layers that will be revealed to us in the coming years! I thank God for the beauty and wisdom that we are blessed to share in!

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