Fellowship or Communion?

November 26, 2009

Many years ago, while serving on staff as the main Worship Dude at the Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Glendora, California,  I got a chance to preach a Sunday sermon: A rare opportunity.  I chose to preach that day on the true biblical meaning of “Fellowship”, at least as it is rendered in the newest English translations.  My premise that Sunday morning was that we had reduced the true meaning of the word (more accurately rendered as “communion”) to merely our being together, to simply hanging out. I had caught a glimmer of something which at the time I saw as relating to our relationships within the churches. True Christian “Fellowship” was a topic I often climbed upon the proverbial soapbox to scream about. After all, I reasoned, we were called to one body, to be a part of one another, to something much more profound then simply sharing some time on Sunday mornings.  But my vision was still very myopic and I had a much deeper truth to dig out, a much more precious treasure.

I’ve had a recent post by Father Stephen Freeman  bookmarked for reading for a while now and today I finally found the time to read it. As I read it I was transported as I was reminded that THIS is why I became Orthodox. This is the truth that answered all my longings. This is the truth that all my dreams had envisioned. The truth that there is something more to this life in Christ then a mere decision of my wavering will, more than a one time emotional response not matter how heart-felt. Please, read this prayerfully, it is nothing less then the truth of fullness of the Gospel.

So here is my latest must read!


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