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Judgment Sunday

March 3, 2008

Yesterday was Judgment Sunday in the Orthodox Church. If you are good Evangelical like me, chances are just the convention of naming a day as Judgment Sunday makes you slightly nauseous and more than a bit nervous. At least I know that was my initial reaction. After all, as a good Quaker boy I learned Jesus took all the guilt upon himself and now sees me as white as snow. What need is there of judgment of myself or anything about me? So that’s how I’ve looked at myself for years; a pure white snow ball. A big crap covered pure white snowball. More on that anon. (Thanks N.T.)

Far from being a cold, fear-filled time of lightning and thunder crashing, I found the service to be a wonderful breath of fresh air. In fact I’d say it was one of my favorite services. But then I say that about almost every service I attend whether at St.Luke’s or, as yesterday, St. Peters in San Dimas.

I still cannot express how wonderful it feels to be in a meeting that is not all about me: About my needs or wants or preferences. A meeting that is just wholly given over to worship and so full of depth and meaning that I sometimes just sit there listing to the singing trying to catch the theological gold nuggets that are flying about the room. No: “I’m so in love with your eyes Jesus”. No: “Jesus is my boyfriend” type of talk. Here, God is “Other” and we are not. Yet there is always that wonderful challenge, that constant call to unite ourselves to Christ that goes far beyond anything I have ever been taught, but speaks to everything I have ever yearned.

I am so enjoying my exploration into Orthodoxy. Yes there are still things that I cannot throw my arms around and take as my own, but so far most of those preconceptions have proved to be just my own baggage. There are still a few theological road blocks and only time and love will see if those too can be overcome, but I am so in need of the life that is expressed in their ecclesiology.

The ANON PART: A big crap covered snowball. Yep. I’ve been in a dark place for quite sometime. I have been so given over to myself, my passions, my fears, my comforts. I have been so unable to say “no” to me lately. Yesterday a saw shaft of light in the darkness and heard a call I’ve heard so many times before: Now is the time. Now is the day.

May God have mercy on his people and fill us all to the fullness of Christ.


Talk About Disciplne!

January 25, 2008

This blew me away. I can’t even imagine the amount of discipline and practice it took to be able to do this with this much precision. I’m such a looser! (just kidding Kerri)