What is Worship…

January 7, 2009

In my many years as a worship leader first in Calvary Chapels then later in the Vineyard movement it was an almost constant struggle amid my fellow leaders and Pastors to define what worship truly is. I confess from the outset that I was never satisfied by any of the modern ways in which worship was expounded or defined. I had my own pet definition that, for me at least, attempted to go into something deeper and more mystical about the Man/God interaction we hoped was taking place, but in the end my own words fell horribly short as well.

Today I read one of the most powerful expositions I have ever read regarding worship. Please head over to the blog of Father Stephen Freeman <here> Read it, and please let it seep deep.

At the Vienyard I had a Pastor/Friend who was in our area meeting which met monthly who used to say: “If it’s old, it’s gold.” My Brother Jim, you were sooooo right!

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