What is Salvation

May 13, 2008

Tonight we began a six week class at St. Peter’s on the subject of salvation. What it is, how we get it, and what is its point.

As I sat there listening to Fr. Patrick speaking it was like having someone standing along side of me and my wife whispering in my ear: “See, you’re not crazy, you’re NOT crazy!” As he spoke about the Churches roll in our journey of salvation it was like a glass of cold water on my parched throat and I began to cry. I’m sure he probably thought I was yawning or falling asleep when in fact I was feeling so…grateful. I have always believed that it was Jason’s and my teaching at a Wednesday night group we started at the Vineyard, where we first began to expound some if the “new” concepts we were learning, that eventually led to our being asked to leave the church in favor of new leadership. What an amazing joy it was to hear someone saying this has been the teaching of the Church from the beginning. Not because it made me feel right-after all these weren’t our concepts or some new theology we’d invented-but because it made me feel home.

For over 30 years I have studied and searched for the “New Testament” Church. And trust me, in my mind it didn’t look anything like this at all. Only to have God turn my world on its head just to find out that it has been right here all along. I don’t mean that to sound elitist or sectarian in any way. It’s not that I believe that the Orthodox Church is the sole purveyor of all truth and that no one else has access to it, that’s is not what I mean at all. It is just so hard to put into words how it feels to finally sense the discovery of a treasure you have been hunting for 3 decades and I just feel..grateful. Very, very grateful.



  1. Oh my. How I wish I could be there! This would be a good time for him to have a blog…

  2. Have no fear, Jason is setting him up right now!


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