Worship in the Church

May 10, 2008

I really love Fr Stephen “Glory to God” blog. Where he gets the time to write as much as he does is beyond me. He doesn’t just fill his blog with trite sentimentality’s like some people I know (ME!!), but his words are so often like soothing salve on my soul. As a former Vineyard Worship Pastor, where hey-we knew worship, I am constantly amazed how little I really understood of the nature of true worship. Below is a snippet of what Fr. Stepehen wrote today, I encourage you to click the link to read the complete text.

“But the Church does not gather to rehearse bare facts: it gathers to worship. In its worship it affirms as much of the fullness of the faith as has been given to us – in Scripture – in doctrine – in the whole of Tradition. The Church does not stop with the facts for the facts point beyond themselves to eternal truth – and it is this eternal Truth that the Church proclaims.

Thus in Orthodox worship, Christ is almost always mentioned together with His Father and the Holy Spirit, for now the Church proclaims the fullness of the Trinitarian faith. We can do no less. We cannot speak of the Cross without at the same time saying all that the Cross has accomplished.”

May it be ever so.


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