May 4, 2008

We are coming to the end of Bright Week and although I must confess the break from 3 services an hour was nice, it was also wonderful to go to Great Vespers last night. It was nice to see those we hadn’t seen in the week past and wonderful to bask in the prayers of the victory of Christ.

Last night many of our prayers centered on one of my favorite of the Disciples: Thomas. Over my life I have gone from being what my Mom used to call a “chronic pessimist”, to a fledgling skeptic, to a complete cynic. It not something for which I am bragging; in fact it is one of my greatest hopes to change, rather it just means I can relate to Thomas and his “doubts”. I take great comfort in the mercy Jesus showed to him. He didn’t turn away from him and say “After everything you’ve seen, if you can’t believe then leave! ” instead he gave him his hands and bid him to thrust his hand into his side. What must that have been like? To touch the God/Man’s very wounds? Not with the hands of strength and faith, but with the quivering hands of doubt and skepticism. Why didn’t he drop dead at touching the Holy? Oh the mercy of God. The Creator of all, wonded for our failings, allowing the failure of faith to touch for itself the very power of creation. “My King and my God!”

Thank you for your mercy oh Father, may I believe yet having not touched. Amen


  1. Hey Mark. Found you through Debbie. Thank you for posting your thoughts. It was my first Pascha too, and WOW. There’s really too much to process to be able to put it into words.

  2. Amen Pops! BTW – Christ is Risen!

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