End of the Day

April 14, 2008

Well Barb and I just topped of a wonderful day of worship and fellowship with a nice dinner with Jason and Debbie. Since Jason started working out in Whittier with my Son David, we don’t see nearly as much of the Z’s as we would like, so it was so nice to be able to sit down and share notes over where we are in our journey to explore Orthodoxy.

After Divine liturgy this morning we had a really nice time sitting down with Father Patrick and getting to know him a bit and letting him get to know us. How cool to have a man like Father Patrick so available and so open to our questions. The more we learn the more we are enjoying our time here. It is early in our inquiry but God seems to be fitting so many things together for us all.

Yes it was a wonderful Lord’s Day today. Thank you Lord for the Church, for good friends and for a wife who is willing to share in this crazy journey I’ve been on for the last 30 years.

Peace be to all

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